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Thread: What should I use for recorded playback?

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    Default What should I use for recorded playback?

    I'm playing out locally and playing a wide variety of styles of mandolin from classical to BG, but it's boring without some accompaniment.

    I plan to either record or acquire mix-minus accompaniment that I can play back through a small speaker, perhaps my Iphone or Surface Pro to a Bluetooth speaker in very small, quiet venues, like classrooms.

    What would you use?

    Can I do with my existing hardware? I have small speakers that may be enough if the bluetooth speaker isn't. Where can I get mix-minus material? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Default Re: What should I use for recorded playback?

    Itís not the greatest but I have used iReaPro run thru a Bose Bluetooth speaker at the senior center when Iím by myself. You could check out band in a box and strum machine is good but it requires an account - not free - and probably an internet connection.

    On YouTube I like bluegrass backing tracks but probably need an internet connection for this too.
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    Default Re: What should I use for recorded playback?

    if you use a programme like OnSong to store your lyrics you can add audio files and trigger the playback from a foot pedal.
    So you could record real backing tracks and have the WAV files play back and synchronise the scroll speed of the lyrics. It'll even cue up the next song from the playlist and sit there waiting for playback.

    If you go to Simon has a shedload of decent backing tracks ready to roll and the chord progressions if you need them.
    It's a great resource for solo players or practicers.

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