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    Default Tyler Mountain Strings

    I was in my local guitar shop today and noticed a display of Tyler Mountain Strings. I have never heard of them before. The package states "Made in the USA", the price was reasonable so I purchased a set of mandolin strings to try out.
    Has enyone else tried these?

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    Default Re: Tyler Mountain Strings

    Speculation, but I would think they are having branded sets produced by a large manufacturer, as they have been wholesalers. I would guess Mapes, but that's without any evidence.
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    Default Re: Tyler Mountain Strings

    Mapes strings end up with a lot of different names, many of which you already know.
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    Default Re: Tyler Mountain Strings

    "Tyler Mountain" was a brand label for imported Asian instruments, once very common on eBay. The name apparently belongs to a couple of FL music store operators, according to their website, and they're now out of the instrument business, just selling strings, parts, accessories etc. They probably have various companies making them for their label.

    Tyler Mountain once offered the infamous metal-bodied resonator bouzouki, which tempted me about 15 years ago. Gruhn had one, but I can't access the listing there any more. Ya know, if I run across one for sale some time, I just might...
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    Default Re: Tyler Mountain Strings

    Tyler Mountain is a local business owned by brothers Dave and Paul Stype who used to run “The Banjo Shop” in Hollywood (Florida). In recent years, they have become Wholesale Music Distributors, although they can still be talked into dressing the original frets on an old Gibson snakehead or changing out the tailpiece and tuners on a modern Passernig A5 when they’re not leading a playalong at an area Irish pub.
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