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Thread: Alt Tuning ? - high g to low e?

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    Default Alt Tuning ? - high g to low e?

    Has anyone ever tuned their tenor high to low? I was wondering how it would sound if I grabbed a pair of standard guitar strings and use them to tune by tenor GDAE, but from high g to low e. Iíd probably only use it for chords and am just curious if anyoneís ever done it. Iíve been playing a lot more rock and americana and wonder if itís worth trying.

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    The "G" Brac Tamburitza is tuned EADG.

    The String notes are G4,D4,A3,E3.

    Scale length is approximately 21 1/2".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is not strummed for chords, only plucked.

    Stanley Jordan is a proponent of all fourths tuning.

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    Default Re: Alt Tuning ? - high g to low e?

    Itís SO confusing when people write tunings the wrong way around...
    took me a while to realise you might mean Piccolo bass tuning, which is something Iíd like to do on a tenor at some point too.

    Eastwood provide a suggestion for their tenor range - on the first table, last entry:
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    Default Re: Alt Tuning ? - high g to low e?

    When I first got my mandolin I tried ukulele lost all that brilliance of the mandolin.

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