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Thread: Strap recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon DS View Post
    The waist band of an old pair of jeans makes a great mandolin strap...
    Or: I have a guitar strap I made from an old cowboy belt that I—uh—outgrew. Hand-tooled and the whole bit, like an Eldorado. Speaking of which: El Dorado

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    Love my Lakota flat braided strap.
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    I weave on top of buckles or remove them to make the strap mandolin friendly.
    I have some old horse bridles too, very soft, they often throw them out at the big stables.
    One strap I have is for an old 12 string guitar.

    And it even still smells like horses, how cool is that!
    People tell me, ‘what’s that smell ?’ And I say it’s horses and then they say it’s cool.

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    +1 on Sully Straps and Long Hollow

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    Won't you come home BILL Bailey, won't you come home ? As the song says, Bill Bailey straps are the one !
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    Not sure if he is still in business (website appears to be down) but Bobby Poff makes amazing straps. Primarily known for his dobro straps, he used to offer a full array of fretted instrument straps. Many consider his straps to be second to none.
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    D'Addario and/or Planet Waves make a plain flat mandolin strap. Available in brown or black. I have several, they do the job well.


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    Wal-Mart. get three 72" shoelaces and make a pigtail braid. Voilla!

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    Tammy Davie, Davie Leather and Braid makes some really nice custom mandolin straps. A little on the pricey side, but very nice straps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Grieser View Post
    The Longhollow Big Softy works great for an A5 but the wide soft part ends up in the middle of your back on an F5.
    Not a problem! While not readily obvious, the Big Softys are reversable: short end at the tailpiece for an A, long end for an F.

    That said, I also really like my Lakota, plus a Sully's on guitar.
    - Ed

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    With respect to the shoelace aficionados, here's a pic of one of my Sully Straps made from a great old piece of vintage horse tack. He's a got some amazing old leather pieces for straps.Click image for larger version. 

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    Lakota Leathers makes some nice, round braided straps. I really like the look and feel of them. And if you read up on the website, they actually do help out the tribe. If you need a strap, why not do a good deed at the same time?
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    I carry some dental floss...Just in case.
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