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Thread: Video: well, this is embarrassing...

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    So, I would have sworn that my first mandolin was an Eastman A style... evidently, that's not the case. And I have video evidence, no less.

    What a riot, I'd owned a mando for all of 20 minutes when I shot that video. I have zero recollection of owning this Kentucky KM 675... were it not for my own website, this would have been lost forever... probably for the better!

    Because I have no shame, here's the video...

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    Default Re: Video: well, this is embarrassing...

    Don't think that you are alone . . . after owning 200-300 instruments over the years, I often forget that I had something-or-another until I see a picture, or somebody reminds me of it. The forgetfulness could be scary - but I tend to think of it more as a memory surprise!

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    Ha ha, I like your outlook!

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