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Thread: CANCELLED: Old School Bluegrass Camp 2020 Announced

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    Default Re: Article: Old School Bluegrass Camp 2020 Announced

    From their Facebook page:

    From our Camp Director Jenny Whiteley - I'm disappointed to announce that we will be postponing our Sixth OSBC until 2021. I wanted to be optimistic, but there's no scenario that would allow us to gather safely this summer. Anyone who registered for camp is now signed up for July 2021, and we have asked all the 2020 instructors to teach next summer.

    The experience of community and comradery at OSBC is such that we do not wish to take the camp online. Instead, we'll focus our energy on creating an amazing in-person bluegrass camp next summer. Please keep in touch and keep those home videos comingówe love seeing and hearing you all! I miss you all and send you the biggest virtual hug of all time - Jenny.

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