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    It was at $6k for quite a while and then he took it down after I asked him how he got to that price. He is an electric guitar “dealer” who works out of his home. The mandolin was down for a while and then he put it back up at a more realistic price. It’s been for sale for well over a year, closer to two (same seller). Things get stale, especially if someone prices them too high initially. He has no idea about mandolins or prices. That said, I am always a little hesitant buying mandolins from someone who has no real experience with them. He lives in a coastal area, so if it’s not living in the right environment it could be over-humidified. To be honest, the only reason I even saw it on Reverb the first time was due to the fact that I was looking at an electric guitar he had listed.

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    My friend Wayne Fugate has played a Smart mandolin for many years. You can hear some samples here.

    Lawrence came to our area (about an hour north of New York City) about 12 years or so ago and showed off a few of his creations. Another friend of mine owns one of his mandolas ordered at that gathering. I have also played one of his mandocellos. He makes very nice mandolins for sure.

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