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    New to the site. Been trying to learn Jesse Ferguson's version of Hills of Connemara on mandolin but am having trouble with his little intro riff and the part where he breaks it up with chords later. I have the chords down just fine but for the melody all I can find is this tab. I can't tell if it's not correct or if my mind just isn't make the connection on picking the notes in the right rhythm. If someone knows this a little better than me can you see if it's correct or know of a link or book that has the correct tab? Many thanks!

    Tabs I found:

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    Are any of the settings at more like it?

    edit: oops, the link you gave and the first setting at are identical. the second setting at thesession seems to be unrelated.
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    Don't know anything about the tune, but I know about the hills of Connemara...
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