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Thread: Genuine San Jose Artist Mandolin

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    Default Genuine San Jose Artist Mandolin

    This eBay auctioned mandolin sure has a rather unique shape which some might dislike, yet some others might find refreshingly original and intriguing.

    As they say, there is no accounting for taste when it comes to such aesthetics. Heck, at the risk of triggering an avalanche of ire and derision directed towards me by all MC bluegrassers, let me say that I for one do not find the F shape mandolin to be agreeable to my taste buds, but then again, who could possibly care what I like and what I don't like ?

    Be that as it may, I am terribly curious about the tonal properties of the subject mandolin, and I'd love to be able to play on it a bit. However, not quite curious to the point of wanting to buying the instrument.
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    It's remeniscent of John Duffy's ' Duck ' mandolin.

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    Default Re: Genuine San Jose Artist Mandolin

    Each to their own but don’t rely on ever being able to replace the case.

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    Default Re: Genuine San Jose Artist Mandolin

    Slab-cut top - interesting... interested - NOT

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    this is already being discussed in another eBay thread as the sunfish mandolin, fwiw

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    Default Re: Genuine San Jose Artist Mandolin

    The OP beat my thread by several hours.
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