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    Couple of quick questions:

    1. Are the black knobs on Golden Age Tuners ebony or plastic?
    2. Can anyone recommend a good tuner brand that offers satin nickel? (Aside from Golden Age and Schaller)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Plastic. And the Golden Age buttons go from a satiny black to a glossy black from handling really quickly, so they are really quite glossy in practice. Which would be fine, but they're not really that smooth, so they're only OK in appearance.

    Rubner makes satin brass tuners, but I don't know that they do make a satin nickel option. You could ask Kent George, the US reseller of Rubners. Their plastic buttons are really nice, a lot nicer than the Golden Age, and more pleasant to handle.
    Also they're not that much more expensive than the Golden Age while being a lot smoother and requiring about half the force to turn.

    The Rubner, Schaller GrandTune, and Grover offerings are all better options than the Golden Age machines, IMHO. Those are all good values. The basic Golden Age machines are also good value, but once you get into the satin or other finishes, you're looking at $50-75, which is absurd for what they are, which are functional, but very basic, machines.

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    Thanks Marty,

    I checked out Rubner but it looks like they're F Style Worm Under (what I'm looking for) are still in the works.

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    Waverly but they are really expensive. The old Gibson Grover tuners came in Satin Silver. You probably can't find them new. The Rubner's are nice if they ever make it back into production.
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