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Thread: Northfield F5S Purchase from Avenue Guitars

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    Default Northfield F5S Purchase from Avenue Guitars

    A few weeks ago, I noticed a wide-nut Northfield F5S listed as "shopworn" here in the Mandolin Cafe classifieds. I ended up buying it and I'm pleased to say that dealing with John and Sean at Avenue Guitars was a very pleasant experience. The shopworn feature was a tiny ding on near the tailpiece, hardly visible. In spite of a recent price increase by Northfield, John and Sean stuck with their listed price and were very helpful in answering all my questions and expediting the delivery to the frozen wilds of Michigan.
    The mandolin plays and sounds great and the customer service was top notch.
    I'd deal these guys again in a heartbeat.


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    Default Re: Northfield F5S Purchase from Avenue Guitars

    Congratulations! The one Northfield I played at TME back in August alongside 1 Pava and a couple Collings mandos was a very nice mandolin. There were some differences, some subtle, some pronounced, between the 5, but the NF held its own. When scroll acquisition syndrome becomes unbearable, they’ll be on my list of considerations.

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    Default Re: Northfield F5S Purchase from Avenue Guitars

    Good people at Avenue. I enjoy visiting whenever I’m in the area.

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