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Thread: MIDI playback not working on ABC converter?

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    Default MIDI playback not working on ABC converter?

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with the midi playback at ABC converter at I'm trying to figure out if it is their site, or Hughesnet problems etc.

    Lately, it may or may not be working, though the notation conversion and the PDF generator is functional.

    Is there another website where I can plug in the ABC coding and get a midi playback to sonically assess the tune and chord changes?


    Niles H

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    Default Re: MIDI playback not working on ABC converter?

    Looks like the site is down, real shame..

    One workaround is to use Musescore along with the following instructions to get mandolin TAB.

    Using Plugins -> ABC import: paste the abc file into the window.
    Find the line that begins with K:
    At the end of the line beginning with K: add the following after adding a space
    tab strings=G3,D4,A4,E5
    Click import button(lower right of window)
    TAB is now displayed - save as a pdf using File -> Export - name the file and save as type pdf

    # Posted by VTmoon one hour ago.


    FOR ABC TO MIDI: instead you can use Tunebook SD on an iphone if you have one.

    Have a nice day guys!

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