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    Default New MD-305

    Got my new Eastman MD-305 yesterday from the Mandolin Store. I opened it up and put a huge smile on my face. Everything about the MD-305 shows that itís a quality instrument. I was impressed the way it sounds. Iíve been playing guitar for about 35 and wanted to learn something new. My wife is learning to play the violin, so I thought it would be good to learn the mandolin since itís tuned the same.

    First song to learn is the Battle of Evermore.

    The Mandolin Cafe was a great help in making my decision on my purchase.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: New MD-305

    I love mine they are nice.
    "It doesn't matter how much you invest in your instrument until you invest in you and your ability..."

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    Default Re: New MD-305

    Two words:

    Gateway drug

    "Keep your hat on, we may end up miles from here..." - Kurt Vonnegut

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    Default Re: New MD-305

    I derived much pleasure from my 305.
    A 304 makes a good addition.
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    Default Re: New MD-305

    Just got one myself about 10 days ago or so. Great instrument to get started with. I think you’ll be very happy wit it for a long while. Plus there’s the set up from TMS......... Enjoy!

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    Default Re: New MD-305

    Welcome, and enjoy! And thanks for the pic

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    Default Re: New MD-305

    Like you, I'm a guitar guy just learning this strange and foreign instrument. I got an Eastman also. I'm not good on it but I enjoy it greatly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cc7 View Post
    Like you, I'm a guitar guy just learning this strange and foreign instrument. I got an Eastman also. I'm not good on it but I enjoy it greatly!
    Same here! Got my 305 before Christmas. It's a gateway indeed!

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    I am new to the forum and was looking for where the newby thread was, when I came upon this one. I have found my people. I am an old guitar player searching for something else with strings. I contacted Dennis from the Mandolin store after high recommendations on this site, and just not quite feeling the used The Loar I was contemplating in the classifieds. He told me if I can get over the F body hangup, I could get a better quality A model for about the same money. I did not want to spend a lot in case it didn't take. He gave me good advice on several topics, and his candor and knowledge earned him a sale. I got a great deal on my 305, a pro setup, all the help a new player could ask for. And not really much more than if I had bought from GC, SW or the snake people. So thanks to Dennis at the Mandolin Store. Another shout out to Rob Meldrum for the great setup ebook on this site. I saw an old post (2012 I think), where he graciously offered it to forum members. I emailed him just in case the offer was still current. He emailed me back a few days later, attaching the ebook, and a couple of videos. He is also an old guitar player. I figure I will need the information, if not for the Eastman, then maybe the next one. How many guitars (mandolins) do you need? Just one more.
    Cheers Gents!

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    Another shoutout to Rob.
    Rob, thank you very much for sending me your e-book. Even though my mandolin was setup perfectly by The Mandolin Store, your e-book has educated me on how to setup my next mandolin.

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    I've become quite the jaded mandolin snob, but the 300 series is really a good way to enter the mandolin world. Like someone said, gateway drug. I hear little if any sonic improvement up the Eastman chain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Br1ck View Post
    I hear little if any sonic improvement up the Eastman chain.
    My thoughts exactly.
    Chris Cravens

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