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10th January 2020 at The Harrison, London WC1.

Folk on Monday,

Country: United States. Style: Bluegrass & Folk.

Lineup: Reuben Agnew (v/g), Tabitha [Agnew] Benedict (v/banjo/g), Benjamin Agnew (v/b) and guests: David Benedict (mandolin), Kieran Towers (fiddle).

These three siblings from Couhty Armagh were 2015 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Finalists. They wre joined for the full set by Tabitha's husband David Benedict (they were married last year and she is waiting for a Green Card before moving to the USA. He is originally from Clemson, SC and is part of the Boston based group Mile Twelve). Also for a couple of tunes by Kieran Towers. They mostly performed their own compositions, plus ones by John Hartford and Hugh Moffatt, two traditional Irish songs "Mary and the Soldier" an "In the Parting" (the latter Bluegrassified) and "Black Coffee" first performed in the 1930s by Jazz musicians Nat Gonella and Wingy Malone. I have taken photos of Kieran Towers before in a duo with Charlotte Carrivick, the Hot Rock Pilgrims, the Ben Somers String Band and as a guest of Gordy Somers Walsh:,-cupo....
In this photo: David Benedict plays an Apitius mandolin.
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