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    Default Travel to Europe

    I will likely travel to the Czech Republic later this year. What might happen if I bring a mandolin made in 1990 with an ebony fretboard and abalone inlay?

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    We've had this discussion many times on this forum. Basically, I wouldn't take anything that you wouldn't mind losing. Customs agents have an unfair amount of power if they want to mess with you, IMHO.

    OTOH, if you are playing professionally, that kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn't it? I've got a 69 telecaster that has been to Europe many times, but contains no offending woods.....(maple neck, etc.)

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    I doubt if anything will happen. I have traveled throughout Europe with no issues. Someone did advise me to carry a copy of regulations. I did not, but it is probably good advice.
    If you do have a problem it will likely be with US customs. They are the worst I have ever encountered anywhere. Cannot wonder if they all hate their jobs that gives them such a bad disposition.
    I do, however, appreciate what they and TSA do for us. Just wish they could be a little nicer while doing their job.
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    Ebony and abalone won't cause a problem. I took a 1914 Gibson A-1 to the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK in May 2018. I volunteered to open the case at every border. Only a couple took me up on it and nobody was upset at the ebony and mother of pearl they saw.

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