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Thread: Different Plectra

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    Default Different Plectra

    I have just discovered that for my electric single string course mandolins I prefer Dunlop PrimeTone 1.4 Triangles.
    (I still prefer Wegen TF140s for the paired course standard mandos.)
    For electrics the Dunlops are harder, faster, and clearer than the Wegens.

    Anyone else switch picks for electrics?


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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    Yes, I use a lighter pick for electric. Dunlop Ultex .60mm and medium .73mm for acoustic. Same profile, standard flatpick.
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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    Hi Daniel!
    I don't play electric, but I'm beginning to see (or, rather, hear) that I prefer different picks on different instruments. There's just so much experimentation to be done!

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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Nestlerode View Post
    Anyone else switch picks for electrics?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Wright View Post
    I use a lighter pick for electric.
    Same here. Lighter-gauge strings too. Seems like a good combination.

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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    I just switched to a V-Pick Chicken Picker on single string electric and loving it.And doing a little chicken pickiní.

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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    Funnily enough I have switched picks. I have used the Dunlop prime tones. But recently found a Jazz III and I find myself liking it for the single string mandos. I like the big stubbies usually but the Ultex Jazz III has a nice tone. I am undecided on the acoustic but there’s a difference I find I am in the mood for a particular tone and go with a certain pick.

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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    I don't understand all this discussion about different picks. I'm happy with the 19 different ones I have in front of me.

    Of course, should I become fickle, there's a lot more in the pick box in the drawer.
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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    Like all of you I have many picks.
    Just one sounds right (to me) on my E-Dola.
    On all my acoustics it's a toss up, but definitely just one on my electric.

    I'd tell you what it is, but the name wore off. A Dunlop I think.

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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    ProPlec or Ultex triangle.
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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    On my electric, a Fender Mandocaster, I prefer the more generic picks. I haven't noticed much difference in response between picks on my electric. More properly, any differences in response can be easily covered or artificially constructed with selection of amp features an/or pedals, which of course make much more difference.

    As to playability, the Fender Heavy you can get everywhere seems great on on the mandocaster. Everything I could want (at this stage of my electric mando adventure anyway.)
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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    Its such an individual thing. Some folks simply wont play with anything other than their favorite pick while others have no such qualms and could use a nickel or even a fork without a problem. I like the Dunlop orange ones. Even when I'm sitting at my bench setting up intonation of an instrument, I want an orange Dunlop pick.

    However, I'm really starting to appreciate some of these newer picks with the "cat tongue" grippy surface.

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    Default Re: Different Plectra

    Quote Originally Posted by BoxCarJoe View Post
    Like all of you I have many picks.
    I have three. Two are tortex triangles. Yellow and orange.
    Then primetone 1.4 rounded triangle.

    That is not loads unless you mean multiples of those!

    I actually use the primetone when I want a thicker sound on electric or when I can't be bothered to swap mid gig.... But for electric I see the argument for lighter. I've just been playing my electric tenor with an orange tortex..
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