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Thread: Octave and Mandola

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    Default Octave and Mandola

    Here's an interpretation of Bart Howard's "Fly me to the Moon" as made popular by old blues eyes himself.

    Performed here on Octave Mandolin and Mandola, in memory of Mary Jane Baker 1930-2020

    "Mean Old Timer, He's got grey hair, Mean Old Timer he just don't care
    Got no compassion, thinks its a sin
    All he does is sit around an play the Mandolin"

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    Default Re: Octave and Mandola

    Very nice. I think it is hard to keep the tempo going with the Octave Mandolin so that it does not 'lag' and 'lose interest' for the audience. This worked for the most part. The harmonics were a bit of a distraction because one could not tell if they were a mistake. By the end, it became a part of the tune's sound. It worked quite well at the end where one usually adds that 'flourish'. Nice phrasing - like Frank's singing. Thanks for a great recording, I'll be humming it for a for a while now...
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