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Thread: Vega cylinders -- strings for mando, dola, cello?

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    Default Vega cylinders -- strings for mando, dola, cello?


    I'm trying to put my house in order and to that end will put new strings on my three Vega cylinder-backs, a mandolin, a mandola, and a mandocello. I have had great advice from these forums about string choice for other mandos in my herd. What works best for these Vegas? As always, thanks for your help.


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    Default Re: Vega cylinders -- strings for mando, dola, cello?

    I use the standard D'Addario set for my '16 mandolin, but my '12 mandocello is currently strung as a bouzouki, with the D'Addario Irish bouzouki string set with the exepetion of nickel wound .018s for the A string. Since there is no truss rod, I would be wary of using standard mandocello strings.

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    Default Re: Vega cylinders -- strings for mando, dola, cello?

    Keep 'em light. The tops on these instruments are lightly built. A lot of them have been ruined by over-stringing.

    I wouldn't go any heavier than 10-14-24-38 for a mandolin, and 12-20-32-46 for a mandola.

    I can't give you any numbers for a 'cello, but be aware that the off-the-shelf 'cello sets that I see will tear an old Gibson to pieces quickly, and your Vega is built much lighter than a Gibson. I'd start off very light and only increase with great caution. I might try to start with a C string in the low 50's, a G around 40, D around 28, and take the above advice for an A around 18.
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    Default Re: Vega cylinders -- strings for mando, dola, cello?

    I've been using chrome steel flatwound Thomastiks on my cylinder backs lately..expensive strings but they last a long time and I like the feel and tone.

    mandocello - Thomastik Liuto Set Number 1804
    mandola - Thomastik Alt-Mandola Set 164
    mandolin - Thomastik Mandolin Medium Set 154

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