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    Hey everyone,

    I am a huge fan of The Witcher books, the games, and now also the Netflix series that came out recently. If you haven't read, played, or watched any of them let me first highly suggest that you check any of them out because they're all fantastic. But I digress. I, like many people, loved the soundtrack that they used in the Netflix series and my favorite song was called "Toss A Coin To Your Witcher" ( I only just started playing the mandolin about a month ago but I am addicted. I'm hoping that some of you who are much more experienced than me would be able and interested in making a cover of this song. I'd love to hear it on the mandolin, especially if you were to include tabs or something for those of us who aren't experienced enough to figure it out by ear quite yet.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in helping out with this.

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    Got tired of hearing the game dialogue when my son was playing, but really enjoyed the series. - A year and a half to two years before another season?!!

    Some good music which I thought about learning, but don't care for the tune you've linked.

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    I'm also interested. I am new to mandolin as well, but have been playing guitar for years. I plan to try to learn it on guitar and try to adapt it to mandolin. From messing around a bit, it doesn't sound like it's too difficult to learn for guitar, but transposing it for mandolin will be difficult since I'm pretty new to mandolin and transposing.

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    So here is what I have for the finger-picked guitar portion. It's not terrible, but it's a little too high in my opinion. Dropping it an octave lower would require tuning at least the g strings down a half step. I might try that at some point and see if it sounds any better.


    Everything else is chords the following link has the chords, except that is with a capo on the first fret, so you either need a capo on the mandolin, which would change the tabs above, or you would need to play each chord one half-step higher e.g. Am becomes A#m. Newish to mandolin as I am, I'm not sure which would be easier.

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    I found many versions on musescore.
    Downloaded two of them and just converted them to mandolin tabs. Takes a little time to figure out the program, but it's quite easy once you learn the functions you need.

    There is a violin cover on YouTube which I would love to have the tabs for, but haven't found a similar version on musescore. I could just write it from scratch, but that would take a day or two. :P

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