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Thread: Is This A Larson?

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    Default Is This A Larson?

    People are always asking this question it seems- and the answer is a resounding NO! most of the time.

    This Bruno does appear to be a Larson as it is in the book. I know that some have mentioned that the book is perhaps not 100% accurate- I have copy and I am not qualified to have an expert opinion. Anyway, this mandolin does look awful pretty. Whether it is worth 650 Big Ones is open to question- the seller is inviting offers.

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    Default Re: Is This A Larson?

    I don't see anything Larson-esque about that mandolin - or the one in the book. I'm actually getting an east-coast vibe from it rather than Chicago. It is definitely a nice instrument in above-average condition, though. the obscure side of vintage instruments.

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    Default Re: Is This A Larson?

    Is the mandolin worth $650 or best offer? Depends on your point of view and whether or not the instrument is structurally sound and playable.

    Does it have some Larson characteristics? Only a couple. Enough? Not enough to call it Larson made.
    Are some of the appointments unusual or uncharacteristic of Larson work? Yes.

    Some of what could be attributed to Larson could also be attributed to Washburn. See Stahl style 10 on page 229 of the Larson book.

    I've seen quite a few Larson instruments, and I'm leaning about 85-15 against Larson manufacture. Or maybe even 90-10.
    The purflings and inlays are not what I expect to see from Larson, except perhaps [??] the pickguard inlay.
    If I owned it, I would probably say "maker unknown."

    Whoever made it, it's a nice piece of work, and in wonderful cosmetic condition.
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    Default Re: Is This A Larson?

    I believe that the seller is a MCer.

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    I have a Bruno BB mandolin very similar in execution to the subject instrument, just a bit fancier pickguard as well as the tuning machines. If that eBay mandolin was made by the Larsons, then so was mine. However, I could not care less for its provenance, because after its full restoration, the mandolin ended up being one of my most pathetic sounding BB mandolins, therefore I have scavenged it for parts.

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