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Thread: Re fret prices?

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    Default Re fret prices?

    I'm looking at a used Gibson F5G that will be needing new frets fairly soon. I know it's a bit subjective but what are general range of prices for fret work?

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    Roughly $200 to $400 depending on the part of the country and the experience and attitude of the repairman.
    An additional charge is common for EVO or stainless steel frets.

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    My invoice; included fingerboard leveling , 2018, Portland Oregon* Fretworks was $400.

    + $8 for strings , installed.

    *A no sales tax state..

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    Bound fretboard, $350 would be my minimum. Someone who charges less is likely not carefully dressing the fret ends. If you're playing bluegrass, I would defintiely go with EVO gold- 4x the lifespan of nickel silver easy, and it doesn't chew up a luthier's tools like stainless.

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    Bruce Weber re-fretted my Collings MT2-O for $300 with EVO frets. Included re-plane on fretboard.
    It plays better than ever now!

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    300.00$ to 400.00$ is a good guesstimate. Definitely go with the gold EVO fret wire. I regularly had top have my frets re-crowned at two years and replaced at four years before I started using EVO wire. I am on year three now and all I can see is some discoloration on the frets no wear that I can feel. R/
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