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Thread: Calace discography project

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    Default Calace discography project

    A few days ago in this forum under the thread “Happy Birthday - Raffaele Calace” I asked if anyone knew of a Calace discography. Wise Eugene suggested crowd sourcing to create this. So, I am hereby initiating such a project. I’ve created a spreadsheet listing the following for each Calace op. # in my CD collection (plus a few online examples):

    • Opus number
    • Title of work on CD
    • Listing on (column header links to the site)
    • Instruments (and “arranged” if applicable)
    • Performers (in same order as in the previous “Instruments” cell)
    • Title of album (or webpage, etc.)
    • Format (CD, LP, 78, DVD, web video, web audio, etc.)
    • Label (or web site, e.g., YouTube)
    • Label disc ID number
    • Year (usually the copyright (“c” or “p”) date, date posted on YouTube, etc.)
    • Note (whatever seems important)

    While I will add more recordings from online – either bibliographic or actual sound files – I am sincerely hoping that others will supply info from their own collections either via a reply here or a private reply. It is not necessary to supply any more info than is easily available to you, e.g., I can try to supply missing info such as the federmandolino listing.

    I’ve attached a PDF of my initial spreadsheet. Note that listings are in opus # order. I had to squeeze things down quite a bit for the PDF … sorry if it makes for difficult reading.

    This discography will never be complete but with your generous help we could make it usefully comprehensive.

    Many thanks to Scott Tichenor for his generosity in helping format the PDF.

    Joe Bartl
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    Default Re: Calace discography project

    Wow. I thought I would easily follow suit if such a thread were begun, but it will take some real effort to do so in this format. I'll try. . . . soon. . . . I hope.

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