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Thread: Proud Old Papa

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    Default Proud Old Papa

    Nice birthday gift for me Friday night. I turned 65 ... had a gig that night with my buddy Eddie. He plays guitar and harmonica and vocals on these gigs, and I play guitar mandolin and vocals as best as I can keep up with him. But my son Joshua was there, and at the end of the night we invited Josh to play the last set. Eddie took a break, then I took a break while Josh sat in with each of us. My son is a crazy talented performer and brought the house down.

    Eddie is a really good musician, and can handle keyboard and just about anything else. When I returned from my break, Eddie (a lefty) had grabbed my mandolin, turned it upside down and was holding his own with it!

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    Not sure what I got the most delight from: Watching my son kill it onstage, or watching Eddie's facility with mandolin upside down. It was a fun birthday for sure.
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    Default Re: Proud Old Papa

    Happy Birthday you old geezer!

    I know Cyril Stinnet played fiddle "over the bar". Never saw anybody do it with a mandolin. Neat.
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    Default Re: Proud Old Papa

    Happy Birthday Mark!

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    Default Re: Proud Old Papa

    Mark, ya done good...happy birthday!

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    Default Re: Proud Old Papa

    Congrats! I'm a year behind you and hope I stay there!

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    Default Re: Proud Old Papa

    Happy birthday Mark! Playing music with friends and family is one of the best things to do on your birthday. I enjoyed your story.

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    Default Re: Proud Old Papa

    Happy birthday Mark!... congrats on a great gig and a great kid!
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