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Thread: Help identifying 2 banjolins

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    Default Help identifying 2 banjolins

    First, a Washburn Style C has “ PAT.APLD FOR’ stamped in the rim. Has metal back. I was told it was from around 1918-1920. Original case with purple liner with Washburn logo.
    Second, Weymann Keystone State Manuf’d by Weymann and Sons. Has PATENTED scribed on the side of the wood body.Beautiful ornate pearl and nickel Headstock. Beautiful pearl designs on the neck. Has Joe Rogers Jr. ( Desley brand) skin in good condition. Back of the banjolin has a wooden cover for sound resonating. original case with green velvet and the strip to cover the top of the instrument before you close the case.
    Would love to know more about these and their value. The skin on the Washburn has peeled back. Thank you!
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    Default Re: Help identifying 2 banjolins

    Mandolin banjos don't really bring a whole lot of money and you appear to know what the brand is. Joseph Rogers was a major manufacturer of banjo heads in the early to mid 1900's.
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    Default Re: Help identifying 2 banjolins

    I think check out evilbay "EBAY" as there are loads of MB's there to look at! Yours are nice but I don't think bring too much cash unfortunately. Gibson's seem to bring the most $ as some convert them to 5 string banjo's etc. Also there are a few Gibson MB's often sold as MB-4's that are for sure MB-5's! I probably shouldn't be mentioning this but I like to share my knowledge and I'm not a hoarder!

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    Default Re: Help identifying 2 banjolins

    Check out the book "Washburn Prewar Instrument Styles" to get more details on the Washburn:

    I sold a Washburn model 815 from 1916 (a tango banjo, 4 string as opposed to 8) that was all original and playable with the original hard shell case for about $250 last year, on Reverb. I felt pretty lucky to get that much. You might need to pull that non-original arm rest hiding the tailpiece to help identify the year, since that was something that Washburn changed often. However, it's probably missing the tailpiece cover.

    They are fun to play! You can order a new banjo head from Elderly for about $20. Just measure the diameter and the crown height. These sound great with Fibersykn or Renaissance heads.

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    Question Re: Help identifying 2 banjolins

    You seem to have stated brands in your question ...

    +1 on a Remo synthetic banjo heads.. calf skin tears , not 'peels'

    $ 5~600 ? banjolins often gain value by converting them to 5 strings with a new neck .
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    Default Re: Help identifying 2 banjolins

    You've already got them identified.

    What you get for them on the market, is another issue. Respectable brands, but not top-end; Gibsons get the biggest buxx, Vega, Paramount, Epiphone and Weymann somewhat less. Mandolin-banjos are pretty common -- made a lot of them 100 years ago -- and not much in demand by current musicians.
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