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Thread: Point of Diminishing Returns

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    45 minutes to an hour.

    I will admit, I cannot practice one thing with complete focus for more than 20 minutes. I can go longer if I let my focus drop, and I can go much longer if I just have fun with it. But if I am learning a particular tune or exercise, practicing "in the zone" with complete focus, more than 20 minutes and I am wasting my time. It all unravels at the 30 minute mark.

    I love an cherish those moments "in the zone" where nothing else matters. But the zone is about 20 minutes for me.
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    Default Re: Point of Diminishing Returns

    I get really fixated on things once my attention is on them Serves me well at work, when I'm trying to process hundreds of government transactions every day while surrounded by a constant influx of hundreds of people interrupting and asking me questions about a different agency for whom I do not work but merely share a building, meanwhile a numbers robot is booming over my head incessantly, and my station "neighbor" chatters pretty much non-stop. Comparatively speaking, an hour of focusing on music at home with no distractions is breezy and enjoyable, and helps a lot with decompressing at the end of the day.

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    I heard it referred to as "plateauing" long ago. Happens to most people in all types of learning. Something to do with the body and mind catching up with each other.

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