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Thread: Gibson F5G nut width?

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    Default Gibson F5G nut width?

    Have been looking at some of the used Gibson F5G models out there and noticed that most of the time they are listed as having a 1" nut width. A quick search seems to indicate 1 1/16" was standard and 1 3/16" was custom wide.

    So were/are these narrower than 1 1/8" on average? Or did it change from year to year depending on who was in charge?

    Not really thinking about it, but anything narrower than 1 1/8" would rule them out for me.

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    Default Re: Gibson F5G nut width?

    Standard nut width on the F-5g is 1 1/16".

    There was a special run of them made in the pre-flood days with a wide fingerboard like the Sam Bush model (these are easily recognizable with the block inlays). The fingerboard on these is flat, not radiused like the Bush.

    The Mandolin Store, I believe, may have sold some customized versions with wider/radiused fingerboards (though these probably weren't labeled as "F-5g's").

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    Default Re: Gibson F5G nut width?

    All the ones I have seen had narrow nuts and steep sided necks. They may have made a few with wide fingerboards, but those would be an exception and probably hard to find.

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    Default Re: Gibson F5G nut width?

    I bought a Custom F5G from a third party. When I contacted the Mandolin Store about it, they confirmed everything including the original owner it was built for. It has the radius board, wide nut, (1 3/16") is fully bound, and has a pick-guard. Dave Harvey signed. The Mandolin Store gave me a lot more information than I received thru a phone call to Gibson in Nashville, including the MSRP new. I love it. If I'd have looked closer inside, the name of the original owner is there. The guy I spoke with at the Mandolin Store had some great things to say about Dave Harvey.
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