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Thread: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

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    Question Irish Music Tours -- suggestions


    any one have experience with music oriented tours in Ireland for me, my wife and another couple - I am the only player - Irish music focused, of course. A mandolin specific tour might be a little much to hope for.

    We are looking at a few, Innishfree, iloveirishtours, other suggestions appreciated.

    (I'll need to learn some more relevant tunes than Little Beggarman, I think...)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

    1. Nothing wrong with Little Beggarman (Red-Haired Boy, Soldier With a Wooden Leg), whatever you call it.

    2. Where are you located –– anywhere within shouting distance of Rochester NY? The Dady Brothers have been hosting some really fine (and affordable) annual music tours for years; I haven't gone, but many of my friends give them excellent reviews. Joe Dady passed away this year (leukemia), but brother John plans to continue with their program. Info
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    Default Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

    I guess I meant more Irish tunes. We are in New Mexico, a bit of a ways from Rochester. I'll check them out.
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    Default Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions


    I went on a southwest Ireland music tour with Inishfree last year and had a fabulous time. We toured quaint villages and countryside by day and caught intimate ITM in the pubs every evening. Highly recommended.

    I chose Moors and McCumber as tour leader, because I had seen them several time stateside and like their music and personalities. They are multi-instrumentalists and include mandolin and octave mandolin in their repertoire. Harmonious Wail is another great choice for mandolin oriented tour leaders if you like gypsy jazz. The tour leaders will occasionally play with the local ITM musicians, which makes for great craic. Link for more info is (NFI):
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    Default Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

    Ye might check out Wild Atlantic Music Tours - aside from the fact that the Wild Atlantic Way winds through a beautiful part of the country, their roster of musicians who lead the tours is pretty impressive. Recently saw that Kevin Burke will be the tour leader for one of their up and coming ones.
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    Default Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

    Mick Moloney does tours. Legendary Irish mandolin player himself.
    David A. Gordon

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    Irish group We Banjo 3 do a tour each year. See link attached, although I see 2020 is waiting list only for cancellation. We Banjo 3 may suit you as it's Irish with a mix of bluegrass, Americana etc and all top notch players. As well as tenor banjo plenty of mandolin. i would also recommend Mick Moloney as mentioned by Dagger Gordon.

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    sorry forgot link

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    Default Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

    box player John Whelan was talking about a music-based ireland tour via bus, i think. Cherish the Ladies does a cruise, but i vaguely remember something about a land tour in Ireland at some point. If you're interested, i can try to track down my recollections and see if they're real or just wishful thinking!
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