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Thread: Mapes string on my mandola

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    Default Mapes string on my mandola

    Mapes Strings does not list mandola strings on their web site but they let you customize your gages. I took a chance and ordered a mando set in dola gauges, 15 25 35 52. They are coated strings and each string was 36" long. Plenty long enough for the longer dola. They sound just as good as the EJ76 I always use. Best part, they cost $6. I ordered a 3 pack of guitar stings a set of mando strings and a set of electric bass strings also and shipping was only $5 for the whole order. I have not put on the mando strings yet but have tried the guitar srtings. Very nice at $20 for 3 sets of coated strings.

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    Default Re: Mapes string on my mandola

    Mapes makes a pretty good string. If I'm not mistaken, they do most of their business making piano strings and supplying the wire for some other string manufacturers.
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    Default Re: Mapes string on my mandola

    I tried Mapes on my mandolin and I initially liked them but the sound soon went South ! Went back to my GHS A270 and Mangan strings !
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    Default Re: Mapes string on my mandola

    I'm a big Mapes fan, great pricing with many options. For mandolin they have numerous options for wrapped strings as well as pretty much any size string you might want. They don't sell in stores-you buy direct from the makers.

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