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    Iíve looked around for a thread on this on the site here, hope someone can help.
    Iím looking for an app that works on an iPhone, or even online that produces a note from G3 up to B5. I Ďd like to be able to see the note as notation, tab and an option to hear it too.
    BUT hereís the thing, Iíd need it to play the note for just, say two seconds and then move on to the next random note automatically. Thatís it, no points, just move on.
    Or maybe a huge random sheet of notes on Musescore?

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    Sounds like a great band name!
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    My first thought too, Ray. It looks like Simon wants to identify any note up to the 7th fret on the mandolin? An ear-training exercise, perhaps. There is probably some midi device which can do this, though I cannot think of anything at the moment.
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    Sorry if I’m not explaining this very well.

    I’m trying to learn to read notation but I have other skills that impede this. And I’m actually a bit dyslexic.

    Yes ear training is what I’m doing, but I don’t want to. I have one app for example that’s manual -you have to press a key to get it to move to the next note in notation form and the note is played, audio, at the same time too. I then play the same note on the mandolin. I want the app to be able to do this automatically, say 1 per second. And tab afterwards would be an option.

    The problem is that it’s manual and that I play a lot by ear, and have found that the notes in notation almost sort of disappear when I play this app because I’m concentrating on playing the note that I hear. It gets better when I switch off the sound. Then I see better, but I can’t double check to confirm that I played the right note. And another of the problems with simply reading fiddle tunes (eg. tabledit) is that I play them half the way through and can play it again by memory or intuition -sometimes good, sometimes not so good -but by this time I’ve lost my place on the sheet. It’s that each note in a fiddle tune has following notes that can be guessed at. I want it to be random, a bit like some jazz. So I can’t guess.

    So I’m looking for something like with flashcards that have the notation with an image of the notation AND a sound file with the pitch played perhaps a second later. This would then be played automatically, once a second for example. And the app doesn’t need to record your progress because you are auto-correcting.
    Hope this make sense.

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    Wow, that would be a fun programming project.

    I wrote an app like that once but it doesn't play the random note. It just gives a random number that is associated with a note on the instrument along with a random rhythmic pattern. Your challenge is the play the notes on your instrument in the rhythmic pattern. Sometimes it makes a pleasing little start from which to build a nice improvisation.

    Anyway, I typed "random musical tone generator" into google and it looks like something exists out there.

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