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Thread: Fishman m300 mandolin pickup

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    Default Fishman m300 mandolin pickup

    The people at fishman offered the m300 mando pickup as part of the prize package at winfield. I though id do. Quick demo of it. I put the link below. Not a bad little pickup. Especially when you pair it with a Mic.

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    I use one without a mic, and it is hands down the best pickup I have used on mando in a loud band context. Nothing else even comes close, although you do need a good preamp. I can see a mic giving it a more natural sound, but it has a pretty good sound on its own. The K&K Twin might have had a more "acoustic" sound, but in my case suffered from feedback and weird resonances. YMMV

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    In that video it seems like the Fishman is not going through a good preamp, the sound is thin. It can sound much better than that with a properly matched preamp, even without a mic.

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    Hmm cool. There's a very noticeable difference between the mic and pickup, not so much between with or without EQ. The mic sounded best by far and away. One note, the tune you played was a little bit long for a good comparison as you start to forget what the first one sounded like towards the end of the second. Just my tuppence
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    Default Re: Fishman m300 mandolin pickup

    Indeed …. transducers have come a long way towards accurate sound in the last couple of decades. A good mic still sounds more natural. But a mic has it's own problems in a loud environment. < Sigh ... A good preamp or an amp built to accept an unpowered pickup signal are a necessary part of a players kit if he or she intends playing out. Or both, depending on the available system or lack thereof. K&K , Fishman, L.R. Baggs all make quality equipment in the transducer market.
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    I would venture to guess the M300 pickup in this vid was not used with a preamp, or at least a good quality one, as the pickup sound is quite thin, and that is not what I am experiencing with mine. A pickup can sound quite good with the proper preamp and EQ.
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