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Thread: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

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    Default Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    I attend a Blues Jam regularly and play guitar. I would like to play a a mandolin song from time to time. Any suggestion for songs that might work at a Blues Jam.
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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    Have a look at the posts entitled "Blues, Stomps & Rags," #1-50 down the Forum Page under the heading, "Jazz, Swing, Blues, Bossa, Choro, Klezmer, Ragtime."
    More blues than you can shake a stick (or perhaps a back cat bone) at .
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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    Check out Rich Delgrosso, Gerry Hundt and of course Jim Richter for ideas and inspiration.

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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    Almost any song will work on mandolin, it will just be different. Depending upon your proficiency, what key you choose might make a difference. There are lots of songs that are blues based, but not in the "blues" genre: "Route 66", "Chains", etc. Lots of Western swing music is blues: "Milk Cow Blues", etc.

    You can even do songs which are not blues form, but do them in a blues style. David Bromberg does "900 Miles" in a very bluesy style on his album,"The Blues, the Whole Blues, and Nothing but the Blues"

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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices


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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    I have a few favorites lately in different styles on mandolin, Green River (CCR), Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (Rev Gary Davis) and Diving Duck Blues (Yank Rachell). All are a lot of fun on mandolin.

    Yank played mandolin on Diving Duck. I worked out a cool mandolin version of Keep Your Lamp based on Larry Campbellís guitar arrangement, itís a favorite with the worship band I play in. I worked out Green River on mandolin, based on my own finger style guitar arrangement, during my first year of mandolin, and made a video tutorial of it - before I could even play it fluidly. When I play it on mandolin now, I still use the same licks and forms that I showed in that video. It works. Iíll put a link to that here, in case youíre interested.
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