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Thread: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    Quote Originally Posted by Davey View Post
    I stick in G when I'm doing songs if possible, easy chords which sound good & the possibility of a solo.

    I like "Can't be satisfied" (Muddy Waters)"Monday morning blues" ( MIssissippi John Hurt) Hellhound (Robert Johnson) & sneak in a few more country ones like like "White Freightliner" and "Catfish John". "Love in vain" is good too. Keep the mando part simple, don't compete with yourself.
    +1 but E is a great key for blues on mandolin too, IMO, and Em scale (G major scale) makes for easy soloing as well
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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    Steve James - Saturday Night in Jail (from his instructional video)

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    Default Re: Blues Mandolin Song Choices

    Sources: Yank Rachell and Martin, Bogen and Armstrong, .. the Armstrong is Louie Bluey, Howard.. fiddle & Mandolin.
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