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Thread: 1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Tenor

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    Default 1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Tenor

    No financial interest, and it's way out of my bracket, but here's a bit of history if it is what it is... | oKee.ComX

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    Very nice guitar. I don't think it is the only one, so asking is one thing.


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    I don't profess to knowing much about these but I have seen a couple of others. This is the first I've seen with humbuckers, a whammy bar (collapsible arm no-less) and block inlays. Plus it appears to be a case-queen complete with original case-candy. All the others have a fair bit of play time. This is virtually new.

    Would be nice if the big boys stepped up and offered these again. Gretsch (now Fender owned) used to make a few which would be nice to see in circulation again as well. Not a huge market, but guitars are saturated and the way forward is smaller runs of targeted instruments (if they'd only wake up). Goodness, with today's tech we should be able to go to a site, pick and choose the bits we want and have the custom order drop-shipped in 48 hours. | oKee.ComX

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