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Thread: How to play mandolin faster

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    Default How to play mandolin faster

    I've been working on building speed for a little bit and I thought I would share some of the things that worked well for me. The li,k to the vid is below and you can find tabs and a bonus vid on my patreon: rwcarrbluegrass

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    Default Re: How to play mandolin faster

    Good video and nice playing. You convinced me. I need a new mandolin to play faster. Haha.

    But seriously, my left hand is the limiting factor and you pointed out the two things I need to work on. I need to maintain a better curve in the fingers and shorten the distance that I lift the tips up.

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    Default Re: How to play mandolin faster

    Dude you DO play fast!
    I like the one about getting the fingers in the right spacing if possible 3-4 notes in advance. (mainly the shifting middle finger)
    Nice vid, thanks.

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    Default Re: How to play mandolin faster


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    Default Re: How to play mandolin faster

    Very good! Well presented! Thanks

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    Default Re: How to play mandolin faster

    Nice video, thank you! I have struggled for a long time coordinating my right and left hands when trying to play faster. When I play fast I tend to bear down (press) with my right hand instead of relaxing. When I press too much, I cannot play fast and light. I think being able to play relaxed is key. I'm going to work on some the hand/arm position and posture tips from your vid.

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    Default Re: How to play mandolin faster

    You had very helpful and wise things to say in that video. But I'm a newbie convert from the piano and guitar. I'm working on getting any kind of sound from my mandolin. Speed? Well maybe one day.

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    Iíve found the cleaner I play, the faster I can go. Coordination of the two hands is a big one and, strangely enough, the strength and precision of my fret finger muscles at lifting off the fretboard. Tremolo practice on scales helps me too, as does getting in the groove/metronoming.

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    Metronome training is just like strength training. I did some strength training for a while. I started out being able to squat around 80lbs. I added a little bit of weight each time I went to the gym, or each week after it started to really get heavy. I kept going like that more or less until I was able to squat 215lbs. That's the most I ever was able to squat. For reference I was 53 years old, female, 5'3" and 150lbs at the time.

    As the weight started getting really heavy, I was forced to adjust my form and technique in order to lift more. I had to get more perfect. I think it would probably work the same for mandolin. I can play somewhat fast, but not nearly as fast as the video at the top here. I imagine that if I were to push myself with the metronome, I would be forced to adjust my form and technique in order to achieve it. I have used metronome training in the past to try to push myself and it does work, but I haven't pushed myself in a long time.

    Thank you for the video.

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