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Thread: 1930's SS Stewart Mandolin

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    Yes, click on the catalog page and enlarge. It tells the woods used in construction......maple back and sides, spruce top, bone nut, arched top and back. Sounds like they were trying to make a nicer instrument. And compare it to the others on the page, it was twice as much money. Adjusted for inflation, $30 in 1938 is worth $523 today, so not a Gibson, but not a Rogue, either!

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    A Gibson A-00 was $30 in 1937- so that puts this instrument into context as far as price. My Wards 1642 carved top made in 1936 is essentially a Gibson A50 but without the truss rod. I have no idea of its price but I would bet it was somewhere in the $20s.

    Out of interest to the OP, here below is the bottom of the range in this style- a birch mandolin with a silk-screen faux maple finish, painted binding, less frets on the board and less expensive tuners. It is a Harmony Monterey- but the cheapest version. Interestingly, it is also sold by B & J but under the "Serenader" brand. I would assume it was from the same era. It has the "crown" tailpiece cover. I have never really understood that "wrist rest" appellation with the bigger covers as you never rest your wrist when playing! I would reckon this one is about $10. There is an old ad floating around that shows this and the maple Monterey which the original mandolin is a extremely glitzy version. It shows the price at $13.50 Canadian for the birch example.
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