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    Question River of Jordan

    I have been learning River of Jordan by Ricky Skaggs in the key of A However my daughter sings the song in the key of C. Could someone help me with the intro and melody breaks in the key of C?

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    Hello JT, A few years ago another picker asked about it in the key of G and I scribbled a very rough tab for the Keys of G and A. See This thread

    The one in the key of G will work for C if you move it down or over and start on the G strings instead of the D strings. Transposing it to the Key of C. However, there are a couple spots there that will not work out right because they will end up too low. Where this happens the notes being played are really just "tag" lines. In those spots you may just strum a C-chord a few times before going back into the singing. Try it out and I think you'll see what I mean. Hope this helps!! Good Luck!

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    Thanks I appreciate the help

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