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Thread: D'Addario Delivers A Holiday Turkey

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    Default D'Addario Delivers A Holiday Turkey

    I have been playing mandolin for almost five decades and for nearly four of them D'Addario J74's were my string of choice. So I was very excited several years ago when DA released the EXP74 series. I loved the added power, tone, stability and feel of these strings. So now look what we get for our loyalty... D'Addario has discontinued the EXP74s!

    I have spent the last day comparing my last set of EXP74s with the new XT series and guess what?

    The new XT strings suck!

    Unlike the EXP74s (which were also coated), these new XT strings actually DO FEEL COATED. Not only that... they sound muffled and muddy compared to the EXPs. The EXPs had a power, punch and clarity which these strings just do not have. Yeah sure, everybody has their taste in strings, but for DA to discontinue this great and popular line after such a relatively short period of time... well, this just leaves a bad taste in my Thanksgiving palate. C'mon DA... bring back the EXP74s...

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    Default Re: D'Addario Delivers A Holiday Turkey

    EXP 74 fan here. Glad I have about a dozen sets to go through before I go string-tasting.

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    Default Re: D'Addario Delivers A Holiday Turkey

    Sorry. I totally disagree. Couldn't stand the feel of the EXP coating.
    XTs sound less jangly to me right out of the pack. I really can't FEEL any coating on the XTs.

    I've had a set on for about 2 months and they still sound good to me.
    I like them on 2 of my mandos so far. Need to try them on a few more.

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