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    Greetings, lovely people! I have a Crossover FF that is new to me, but not new. I actually dig it in terms of the neck shape and how it doesn't give me the cramps and tendinitis that my Eastman mandos did. And this is not a dig against Eastman mandolins, as I dug all the ones I owned in the past. I just can't seem to play them in a way that doesn't end up hurting me. I think it's more a case of my not having the right technique as much as anything else.

    Anyway, I have this FF and I dig it, but I have a few questions:

    1. Is the finish nitro? I ask, because I have this clamp-on mandolin holder I can hook up to my mic stand. But in the past, I had mandolins, the finish of which was negatively impacted by the holder right where it touches the sides of the headstock right above the nut. I'd like to not hurt this one too.

    2. If it is nitro, what holder do you recommend? I'd like to not add another full stand if possible.

    3. Recently purchased an LR Baggs Radius pickup for it. Simply put, for what I do, a mic is not an option, whether it be static on a stand or clipped onto the body of the mandolin. If you have the same mando I do and the same pickup, I'd love to see a pic of where you positioned the pickup on the body. Thanks!

    4. Any tips for this guitar player to stop sounding like a guitar player who plays the mando?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    120+ views and 0 answer... clearly, I know how to create engaging content :D

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    The Breedlove Crossover instruments have a thick Polyurethane finish.
    They are pretty tough.
    Best, Stevo

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    Oh cool, thanks for that info! I shouldn't have to worry about a reaction with the foam from lower quality stands, then.

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