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Thread: Rockin' the Dulcimer!

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    Default Rockin' the Dulcimer!

    Eastman 605, Strad-o-lin, and Kentucky 300e mandolins.

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    Default Re: Rockin' the Dulcimer!

    The Ramones on a dulcimer. Makes perfect sense

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    Default Re: Rockin' the Dulcimer!

    Sam has put out a lot of tremendous rock covers over the past few years.

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    Default Re: Rockin' the Dulcimer!

    Thanks for that.
    I tried to find videos that I'd really enjoyed of Edmund Norris of the Ebony Hillbillies playing rockin' dulcimer on the streets of New York, but I can't find the videos on YouTube. His dulcimer was totally worn, with the top separated from the body -- enough to make a luthier weep, but what a sound. I was able to find other videos with him playing traditional music, indoors, on a "respectable" dulcimer, but those videos don't go with this thread.
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    Default Re: Rockin' the Dulcimer!

    First watched Cindy Lauper playing dulcimer on her classic Time After Time on Austin City Limits a few years ago. May or may not be considered "rockin'," but I think it works beautifully.

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    Default Re: Rockin' the Dulcimer!

    I have a gifted musician friend who used to plug his Appalachian Dulcimer into a small practice amp and crank out The Star Spangled Banner a la Jimi Hendrix - it is a wonder to behold!
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