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Thread: Viva charango!

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    On monday I sprained the dickens out of my wrist on a wet bball court. I'm in a big splint and had to cancel a Wednesday job. But today I looked in the corner of the room at my chrngo and aha it was the one instrument I could play in a splint and we had great session! I'm still week(s) away from fiddle and anything else. I dont think I can do mndln in it.

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    Default Re: Viva charango!

    Gotta love the charango!
    May you have a speedy wrist recovery.

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    I once played a show with a swollen middle finger (that I could hardly bend) on my fretting hand. Luckily, it was dark.

    Here’s to a speedy recovery.

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    Is yours made from an armadillo shell? I had one for a while that was the only instrument I've ever owned with hair and ears.
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    No I've got a nice one-piece, solid-headstock Zambrano - Peruvian IIRC.

    Armadillo shell-constructed ones tend to deform over time - not the best material for longevity. (To further confuse listeners, I call a chrngo a mandolin with peccadillos..

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