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Thread: The Kentucky

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojocaster View Post
    ... a price ... you'd be a fool to walk away ...Click image for larger version. 

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    $150 certainly qualifies. Well done!
    - Ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdHanrahan View Post
    $150 certainly qualifies. Well done!
    Thanks! Can't wait to see/listen/experience what the fuss is about

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    I rescued a KM-505 from a guy on cl a few months back and just Saturday got. Me an 89 KM-1500. Will report back when I get to spend some more time with it.
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    I was looking at a K1000 and the K1050 among other options, including some vintage MIJ axes.

    I ended up with the Eastman 515. It was on sale from The Mandolin Store, and came with a case. Not only was it priced nicer than the K950's I had seen, with no case included, it has a lifetime warranty. Hello, no-brainer.

    Just saying: hand made quality, better pricing, case included and Lifetime Warranty. FWIW, mine sounded awesome out of the box 18 months ago, and even better now. Those who knew me when I would not touch the brand are stunned #IPlayEastman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B381 View Post
    I have a KM 150 that is absolutely a great mando as well as a Rover RM75 which is, in theory, basvially a KM 630. Love 'em both.
    Your quote is so true.

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    The KM-380 has an A-5 style body. Kentucky’s KM-380S was a previous model and identical looking. These were above the beginner models in features, and price and have been discontinued from production.
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