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Thread: Dan Voight - Mandolin Lesson

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    Default Dan Voight - Mandolin Lesson

    Hi, Everyone:

    Just a quick note to report and I suppose celebrate a mandolin lesson I had with Dan Voight a week or so ago. I saw Dan advertise lessons on Facebook, and while I was aware of his fine mandolins, I wasn't aware he has a music degree focusing on mandolin.

    It was a great, one-hour lesson that involved Dan assessing where I was with my playing. I performed a favorite fiddle tune two times around, melody first and then some improv. We discussed my mechanics, and then once he realized I had a limited understanding of music theory we dove into the circle of fifths. I've always known the concept/musical truth exists, but never got around to focusing on it, which seems absurd now that I have an entry-level understanding of it. Dan was quite detailed, and also quite patient while explaining it to me. He even gave me homework to help me conceptually understand the theory, haha.

    I'd say if you're looking for a great lesson or series of lessons, Dan Voight is a top o' the line instructor. I simply messaged him on Facebook and we went form there. It was also quite affordable.

    Dan on Facebook:
    Dan on Instagram:
    Dan's "Voight" Mandolins:

    Looking forward to another one in December!
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    Default Re: Dan Voight - Mandolin Lesson

    I can second Kevin's review. When I was still based in Nashville I took a few lessons from Dan that helped immensely. He is a fantastic teacher. And, as Kevin mentioned, an incredible builder. He built me an F-5 a few years ago and it has been my primary instrument ever since!

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    Default Re: Dan Voight - Mandolin Lesson

    I'll join in and say that Dan is a great mandolin builder, an excellent teacher, and a deep thinking human all around. Would highly recommend anyone looking for lessons or an instrument check him out!

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