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    Hereís a quick review/demo of a Seagull S8 I recently picked up. I teach guitar in a high school and play my own mandolin at work all the time, and Iíve been on the lookout for a mando to add to my rooms collection of instruments . Iíve been a fan of seagull guitars for years, and I think this mandolin is pretty great!

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    Thank you for the review. I played one at Elderly Instruments. I could not help comparing it to travel mandolins I have owned and in that category it excelled but lacking when compared to mandolins hanging on the wall.
    Probably good for your needs in the classroom. If I have a future need for a travel mandolin I will be looking for a used S8.
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    Here are a couple of threads on Seagull mandolins.
    I have one and I think it's pretty good.
    David A. Gordon

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