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Thread: Mandolin Lesson with Aaron Weinstein

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    Default Mandolin Lesson with Aaron Weinstein

    Hi, Everyone:

    I just want to share that I had a mandolin lesson (via video conference) with Aaron Weinstein a few weeks ago, and it was a wonderful experience. Of course, Aaron comes with a sparkly resume full of his albums, heady gigs, and recording sessions with a bunch of jazz masters, but along with of all of that, he was a gifted teacher. Very humble, very accessible, and the instruction was tailored to my specific needs.

    My intention was to get some understanding of his chord melody approach which looks so unattainable when he's whisking his way through songs on his videos. We definitely dipped a toe in the water of the chord melody approach, but I was also really thankful to go over some fundamentals, such as pick attack, pick grip, left hand figure economics, and some exercises designed to facilitate clean, economical playing. That all stemmed from Aaron watching me play a song of my choice and observing how I'm going about it.

    I've never had a mandolin lesson before, and I will say it was well worth it. I don't mind promoting Aaron either. If you're looking to get another site of eyes and ears on your playing, you could do worse than Aaron Weinstein's:

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    Default Re: Mandolin Lesson with Aaron Weinstein

    Second to this. I was traveling to visit family in NYC and was able to book an in person lesson. We booked an hour, but it went for two. He was okay with recording for personal use (which is a huge plus) and explained the techniques well. In 2 hours, we went through It's Only A Paper Moon in ridiculous detail - how to approach different chord phrases, how different voicings can be used, and why he was choosing specific voicings in some examples.

    I highly recommend. He's also on Peghead Nation if you want to sign up for those

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