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Thread: Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

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    Default Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

    Hi all,
    I’m looking for a case for my mandolin(s) when travelling. I mainly travel via public transport and not airplanes. I need something versatile preferably something I can wear backpack style. As I tend to do a lot of travelling, a hard case can just get in the way in my experience especially when half of my journeys are on foot.
    So In short I’m looking for a quality gig bag, with decent protection. Extra pockets in the bag are a bonus as well. Especially if they can carry a small book etc and my personal items.


    Looking for quality gig bag. If you can help me out it’d be greatly apprieciated.

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    Default Re: Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

    While the Travelite is not a gig bag, it is lightweight, has straps, and is an excellent all around case. Not the case for airline travel, but if that isn't how you transport your instrument, a Travelite might be a good choice for you.

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    Default Re: Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

    A Gator lightweight mandolin case may be right for you.

    Travelite also makes a good lightweight case but has no outer pocket. R/
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    Default Re: Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

    I have several different cases and gig bags and could give the pros/cons of each (in my opinion only) but to stick to your question, one really jumps out at me. I really really really like my Access Stage Three gig bag (which is really much more protective than a traditional gig bag). Second favorite is my Access Stage One gig bag that I just bought for another instrument, because I like my Stage Three so much and was looking for something more economical for this one. I suggest you check out the Access line of super protective gig bags. Great bags for casual use/easy travel. As protective as my Hoffee? Heck no. But the best I have found for train travel, car travel, carrying around, anytime I will stay in control of the instrument. Super value for the money. In fact, I am off tomorrow for a couple of days and the expensive cases are staying home, the Access Stage One is coming along. A friend recommended them to me, and he sure didn't steer me wrong.
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    Default Re: Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

    No clue what's available in England. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

    Hello Ross,
    If I were in the market for a gig bag I would go directly for a “Blues Reunion” F5 gig bag. They are quite amazing.
    I spoke with a professional mandolin player not long ago. He carries around his Kimball 2-point mandolin in the gig bag everywhere he goes. Upon inspection they were quite strong.
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    Default Re: Case/Gig bag for F style mandolin.

    I've gotten a lot of use out of the Boulder Alpine gigbag. It is quite durable, for a soft case.

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