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Thread: Ronnie McCoury In Bloomington, IN!

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    Default Ronnie McCoury In Bloomington, IN!

    Hello All,

    Did anyone else get the chance to enjoy the Del McCoury Band show in Bloomington, IN at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater tonight? Quite Impressive!!!
    Ronnie was tearing it up on his Gilchrist.
    It is an amazing thing to see the band member choreograph their movements on stage while playing. On “Nashville Cats” Rob would give his line of Nashville Cats, then quickly back out, and the other band members would lean in to sing their response.
    You could tell that the band members enjoyed playing with each others. Often the smiles that can easy to each of them were reassuring of their joy.
    Del was in Beautiful form When it came time for requests he heard the audience out, then chose gladly from the songs offered. With his big warm smile, and his gleeful raise of his eyebrows he would start in on the next tune, effortlessly playing till time for the next.
    Real showmanship, and very importantly gentleman like kindness showed to each member of the band. Giving each one an opportunity to shine. Even having the bass player to play one he himself wrote and the band played together.
    All in all, an absolutely wonderful evening out wife my dear wife.
    Eric Hanson
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    Best in the Business
    But Amsterdam was always good for grieving
    And London never fails to leave me blue
    And Paris never was my kinda town
    So I walked around with the Ft. Worth Blues

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