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    Default Pomeroy mandolins

    Does anyone have a Pomeroy mandolin for sale?

    Am completely new at this instrument, saw one that had a nice narrow neck, maybe there are other makers out there with mandolins with narrower necks.

    I am a violin player with small hands.

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    The classified section of Mandolin Cafe has a "Want Ads" section where people list WTB (want to buy) items. You should try posting there, instead; it's free.

    Also, if you want a new instrument, Pomeroy Instruments has a few F5 models plus an A model with an oval hole for sale right now. Check out this link:

    (I have a Pomeroy F5 that I love, but it's not for sale. See the peghead inlay in the avatar)

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    Default Re: Pomeroy mandolins

    I don't understand how mandolins are classified ie, F4, F5 , all the letter models.

    I guess I need research all of that

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    Oh, they have some very nice looking instruments, though of course they probably donít have a monopoly on narrow necked mandolins.
    Youíll find loads of information here on MandolinCafe.
    Good luck, and enjoy the journey!

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    F4 and F5 has the scroll. The F4 has the oval hole and the F5 has the violin like shaped holes on each side of the face. An A style is oval or rounded shaped.

    The Pomeroy in the link had a 1-3/16” nut which would be wider than a violin’s. I have smaller hands and notice the 1-1/8” nut easier for me but others prefer a wider nut

    Enjoy the hunt for the right mandolin.

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    Default Re: Pomeroy mandolins

    If you're looking for something more inexpensive, Eastman is known to have rather smaller necks. I also play fiddle and prefer a smaller neck
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    Default Re: Pomeroy mandolins

    I have a Givens that has a very small neck. I believe the nut is barely an inch wide. I find it very comfortable to play. They are not the inexpensive though, but they sound fantastic.
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    One must learn to differentiate the descriptions of a broad generic use of the terms from a model specific use. In the broader sense, an F5 could mean any Florentine shaped( scroll) mandolin with what we call f holes( violin like). But the there are manufacturers who incorporate F 5 into their specific model, like Gibson with their F5G or Northfield with their F5S. It can get confusing. Other manufacturers adopt their own model names like Weber using Bitteroot, and Eastman using MD 515.

    Then there are the exceptions that incorporate bits of both. Confusing. Just hang here for a while and things get clearer.

    Are you looking for your first mandolin? If so I applaud you for jumping in at this level. Nothing wrong with a good instrument right off the bat, but my feeling is that your first mandolin will not be your last. So while I almost always council not to buy a mandolin if you are thinking about selling it before you even own it, this might be the exception. You might decide for what you play another type of mandolin, or a warmer sound is what you are after. A first mandolin is really a learning tool as to what you are really going to want down the road. Buy used definitely at this point.
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    Nichols Road mandolins have smaller neck width i believe. At least the one I owned and enjoyed was an inch wide. Very nice mandolins. Have fun!!

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