Hey everybody out there in CBOM-land! Since the demise of Zoukfest, there has been a dearth of gathering points and focused instructional time for the larger members of the mandolin family, especially in the western US. Last year, a few concerned citizens decided to revive the practice with Zoukology, a fairly informal weekend of instruction, playing, talk, and performance for anyone interested in the larger side of the mandolin spectrum.

We had a great time last year, made a lot of new friends, and even learned a thing or two, so we're back to do it again this year, bigger and better than ever.

Our instructors this year will be the same as last year; Steve Smith and Anne Luna of the Hard Road Trio, the Boston-based Lindsay Straw and Jordan Santiago, and ourselves, Ken Gilman and Louis Scuderi. It will run from January 30-February 2, 2020 in Albuquerque, NM. The fee is $200, which includes some meals (breakfast and lunch). We also have one or two spare rooms for visitors to stay in, but these usually go fast so if you're interested let us know!

Get in touch by emailing ken@mandology.net. Download our flyer below:
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