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Thread: Buzzing Single Open E String

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    Default Buzzing Single Open E String


    I have a mandolin that is buzzing (not sounding cleanly) when I play the outer E string in open position. No problem when I fret that string or on anytime on the others. The fretboard is flat. Tried damping north of the nut, south of the bridge and with tailpiece off, but as I expected no help.

    Does this point towards the first fret being raised? Action is moderate at 1.5mm on G string and marginally less on E string?

    What would you suggest, just raise the action marginally on the treble side? Or is there something else to try first?

    As always, thanks for any help you can provide. Not any mandolin repairmen nearby any longer.


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    Default Re: Buzzing Single Open E String

    Hig fret would most likely cause both strings buzz (unless funky bend is involved at the fret ends). I would check nut slot first. Either entirely too deep or has ramp down towards board which causes buzz.
    If you fret at fret 2 the strings should barely clear the fret 1 than it's not fret.

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    Default Re: Buzzing Single Open E String

    Agreed. Sometimes a little bit of polishing cloth gets stuck on the string and finds itself in the nut slot. Loosen and lift the strings out of the nut and use something like a sharpened toothpick to clean the slots and see if it helps. Otherwise it likely to be the slot is either misshapen or too deep.

    If permitted, and the nut is otherwise good, I'll usually remove the nut and elevate it by applying this layers of superglue and reshaping the base to fit properly and then readjust all of the slots. But make sure that this kind of work is necessary first.

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