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    Default Rigel pricing inquiry

    I wonder if anyone could give me a fair price range for a Rigel A-plus mandolin, which I'm thinking of selling. I bought it new around 15 years ago, but at that time, I think it was about to be discontinued in favor of higher grade model, or something along those lines. It has a couple of small scuffs but on the whole is in great condition. It has a factory-installed piezo, which is a standard feature on this model, and also comes with OHSC. Once I can determine a price, I'll list it in the Classifieds.
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    I’ve played two or three of these. My impression is that as an acoustic instrument, it was ok, but not great. But it is well made, and I’d consider one if I were going to plug in extensively. I think they were, in a fine shop, $1200 or so. Quick sale price would be $1000 or so.

    When I see one, I think electric instrument. But that is just my impression.
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    I sold my A+ deluxe more than 10 years ago for about $1200. I have looked around the web, and they seem to go between $1000 and $1500. I think $1200 is a good target. Much more, and you are close to a used Collings MT which in my opinion sounds much better. There is this one in the classifieds now for $1095, which is a very fair price:
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    Thanks, Br1ck and RobP, for your advice. I agree that it's probably better to think of this as an electrified instrument rather than one that you would prioritize for its pure acoustic sound, though it does record pretty well. The installed pickup was actually the reason I bought it. At the time, I was playing with a guy who banged out tunes on a thunderous National tricone, and so a purely acoustic mandolin would have struggled. Anyway, I was thinking of somewhere around the $1,000 mark, so thanks for confirming that.

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    Every Rigel I've played has been an absolute beast of an acoustic mandolin. One of the best mandolins I've ever played is a Rigel (Jason Koornick's two-point).

    I also believe every Rigel I've played was built in Peter Langdell's small-shop days, though, so I can't speak to the instruments from the Mix days.

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    Default Re: Rigel pricing inquiry

    I recently picked up a 2002 CT-110 that is in line with Marty’s experience. The thing is a beast, louder than my Kelley A5 (so far, anyway. The Kelley is plenty loud and still practically new), and plays well all over the fretboard. Fiddler’s Green commented that this one was more traditionally voiced, and I agree. It maintains it’s “Rigelness” but can stand up in a BG setting. The only other one I played was a later A style, and it was good but a definite step below my CT-110. That, said, I think I lucked out with mine, as it’s far better than I really expected. And, I’m actually excited about plugging it in at church

    Agree with the price recs above. Good luck with your sale! I think these are great instruments , especially at that price point, and if you need to plug in I don’t know if there’s a better “plug-n-play” option out there (at least in all solid wood mandolins).

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